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Time is money, and Deed-Chek's data entry routines help you save lots of it. The following features show how.

Instantly view deed calls as they are entered!
All deed information is plotted on screen as it is entered making it easy to catch data entry blunders right away. This also speeds up data entry by providing a visual reference of your progress.

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Hints, Tips & Help!
A full time hint window displays hints, tips and suggestions for each command step as you work. In addition, context sensitive help is available at all times by pressing F1. Additional help topics including a how to section are provided to get you started. Of course, a comprehensive reference manual is also included.

Flexible Bearing and Distance Entry.
Enter a bearing as "N 12.2030 E" or "12.2030NE", or even "NE 12.2030". Deed Chek doesn't care. You can also enter bearings by quadrant code, azimuth, angles right and left and deflection angles. Distances can be entered in any unit on the fly by using using a distance code. For example, to enter 12 chains, type 12C. To enter 50 meters, type 50m etc.

Enter Curves with Ease
The curve entry window presents the curve entry options in a simple, uncluttered manner. An illustration of the curve components is displayed making it easy for you to determine the one you need to use. All types of curves are supported including curves defined by radial bearing, chord bearing, and tangent bearing. For you surveyors out there, you can also enter curves by deflection angle.

Snap Mode (Picking with the mouse)
Deed-Chek's full-time "snap" mode helps you draw more precisely by automatically "snapping" or "locking-on" to objects whenever you draw with the mouse. A small box appears around the mouse cross hairs whenever the automatic snap is active. The mouse will automatically snap to the endpoint of the nearest object within the box. The snap mode can be temporarily disabled by pressing the Shift key while you make your mouse selection.

Automatically snaps to line and curve endpoints, or symbol and text insertion points.

  • Snap to the midpoint of a line or arc.
  • Snap to the center of an arc.
  • Draw a line perpendicular to a line or arc.
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