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The "Automatic Deed-Reader" automatically draws deeds and legal-descriptions for you. Just load the deed from a text file, or copy and paste it from your word processor.

The Deed-Reader analyzes the deed and breaks it down into its individual legs for your review. Any unknown or questionable legs are marked with a red question mark.

To edit a leg, simply double-click it with the mouse. If there is any question as to the intent of the leg, an explanation is displayed along with suggestions on how to remove the uncertainty. You can also save your changes back to the same file, or to a new one if desired.

Once you are satisfied that the deed has been analyzed and drawn correctly, click Okay and the deed is drawn for you. And if for some reason the deed is not drawn correctly, just click the Undo button, then reload the deed back into Deed-Reader for further review and editing.

Below is an actual deed that was drawn by the Deed-Reader, without any editing or changes required by the user.



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