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What's New in Deed-Chek/Subdivide 12!

The new release of Deed-Chek/Subdivide 12 includes many new features and enhancements to make your work easier.


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The new layer features give you much greater control in organizing and managing the elements in your drawing. For example, if your drawing contains trees and bushes, you can create a layer for them, then quickly turn them all on or off just by turning the layer on or off.


With layers, you can:

  • Organize drawing elements on their own layers such as lot lines, easements, topography, etc.
  • Change the color for a layer, and all objects on that layer automatically change color as well.
  • Quickly hide or show items in the drawing by turning their layer on or off.
  • Lock items on a layer so you can still use them but not accidentally move or delete them.

Layer features:

  • Supports up to 256 layers.
  • Each layer can have its own name.
  • Layers can be hidden.
  • Layers can be locked.
  • Layers can have their own color.
  • User can set up their own default layer configuration for new drawings.



Deed-Chek and Subdivide 12 now supports up to 255 colors (up from only 16). Each color can be assigned directly to a drawing object, or assigned to a layer. All colors are mapped directly to their equivalent AutoCAD colors, which means that the correct color is retained when transferring your drawing to AutoCAD via a DXF file.


The power of "Grouping"!

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The new "group" feature lets you quickly and easily group drawing objects together so that they can be managed as if they are a single object. For example.... suppose you are planning the layout for a house on a lot.

  1. First draw up the house footprint along with the front porch, back deck and shrubbery.
  2. Next, select the items you just created and turn them into a "group".
  3. Now use the move, rotate, and nudge commands to position the group to its final location..... all of the objects in the group are automatically moved together!

Grouped objects

Objects can be grouped and ungrouped quickly and easily.


Improved Zooming!

Now when you use the mouse wheel to zoom your drawing, the position of the drawing stays right where the mouse cursor is.


Scaled Hatching

Now you can control the density of your hatch patterns for your printouts by selecting how far apart you want each hatch line to be drawn. The hatch spacing is then maintained regardless of the resolution of the printer you are printing it on.



(Subdivide only)

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Arrowheads can now be turned on at the beginning of each line or arc. There are 5 arrowhead styles to choose from, and the size of the arrowheads for each line or arc can be changed as well.
Sudbivide Arrowheads


Show a location in Google Maps*
(Subdivide only)

  1. Right-click a location in your drawing.
  2. Select "Show in Google Maps..."
  3. Google Maps appears in your web browser with a symbol showing the location on the map.


Export linework to Google Earth *
(Subdivide only)

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Linework in your drawing can be exported to a "KML" file, where it can be imported and shown in Google Earth. And if desired, Subdivide can even automatically start Google Earth and do the import for you!



Export linework to a Shapefile
(Subdivide only)

Now you can export your linework to a "shapefile", where it can be imported into other software such as ArcView, Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map.


* In order for the Google Map and Google Earth features to work correctly, your drawing must be drawn in the correct location to begin with using State Plane Coordinates or UTM grid. Internet access is also required. To view linework in Google Earth, you must have Google Earth installed on your computer.





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