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Introducing Subdivide 12. The new Subdivide 12 provides all of the power of our popular Deed-Chek 12 deed plotting software, plus additional routines to aid you in subdivision design and layout.

But I'm not a land developer, do I still need Subdivide 12? In a word, Yes! Subdivide 12 includes advanced editing routines that are not included in Deed-Chek 12. These routines let you trim, extend, and scale linework, create curves between two lines (or curves), include additional drawing aids to help you draw more quickly and with more flexibility. Subdivide 12 also lets you plot your linework in Google Earth and also share it with other GIS systems via shapefiles.

Since Subdivide 12 contains all of the commands and features of Deed-Chek 12, you should check out the Deed-Chek 12 Tour as well.

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