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Subdivide 12

Deed-Chek 12





Multimedia Tutorials  


Multimedia Tutorials are included with each copy of Deed-Chek or Subdivide 12 to make you learning experience short and painless. Watch and listen to the instructor as he works with real projects that range from drawing a line, to how to subdivide a parcel of land.

View Sample Tutorial Lessons...

Each lesson is like a short movie showing you the actual Deed-Chek/Subdivide software in action. The instructor talks you through actual real-world scenarios while you follow his progress on the screen. You can pause and rewind the lesson at any time, or watch it as may times as you wish.

  • Introduction to the software
  • Overview of the screen and commands
  • Getting help
  • Using the drawing aids
  • Annotation overview
  • Turning annotations on and off
  • Working with Layers
  • Grouping commands
  • Arrowheads
  • Working with Google Earth and Google Maps
  • Entering a deed
  • Creating setback lines
  • Drawing a housepad
  • Positioning a housepad
  • Measuring the distance to a house
  • Changing the plot scale
  • Overview of the tract command
  • Merging many drawings into one
  • Trimming and extending lines
  • Creating curves quickly with fillet
  • Drawing a road
  • Changing the area of a lot
  • Advanced snap modes
  • Subdividing a parcel
    • Creating the parcel
    • Drawing the road and cul-de-sac
    • Adding lots
    • Drawing setback lines
  • Creating a deed with Deed-Writer
  • Deed-Writer installation
The topics listed above cover Deed-Chek, Subdivide and Deed-Writer.



The Multimedia Tutorials are included Free with every copy of Deed-Chek or Subdivide

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You can pause and rewind a lesson at any time.....

.....or watch it as many times as you wish!


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